If you have a passion for Tomb Raider movies, then don’t miss this.

For the first time ever, Divo, one of India’s leading digital media and music companies has partnered with Indo Overseas Film (IOF) for the digital release of the Chinese blockbuster “Mojin: The Treasure Valley“, in multiple Indian languages across various leading OTT platforms in India.

In this second installment of the Mojin series, legendary Tomb Explorer Hu Bayi and his team of adventurers go to the mystical province of Yunan, to find a cure to an ancient curse in the Tomb of Emperor Xian. The movie was originally titled “Mojin: The Worm Valley” and released in 2018 in China, and 2019 in the US. The film is a follow-up sequence to the first successful film “Mojin: The Lost Legend”. The movie features Cai Heng, Xuan Gu, Heng Yu and Chen Yusi in the lead roles.

The movie is based on the fantasy series “Ghost Blows Out The Light” by Chinese Author Zhang Muye, which itself is popular and sold out to multiple TV and movie producers and boasts good CGI effects and action scenes.

This movie is now available for rent for viewers in English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi across leading OTT platforms such as BookMyShow, Gudsho, OCTSquare, Google Play, Shemaroo, HungamaPlay, Filme, and AppleTV.

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