What is OCT Square?

OCT Square is the first and one of a kind complex proprietary technology based legal movie site. It works close with film makers, producers and distributors to bridge the gap between demand and supply, thereby providing worldwide legal availability of their content to the audiences.

How does it work?

You watched movies on the net and you have purchased online ovie tickets. OCT Square is simply a fusion between them. – Select a movie, and click on it. – A new window opens, click to buy the ticket. – Complete the payment process. – Watch the movie!

How many times can I watch the movie?

You can watch the movie once, just like in theaters.

Within what period must I watch the movie?

24 hours from the time of purchase (changes for each movie – please see the FAQ under each movie for specifics)

Can I download the movie?


Can I cancel a ticket?

No, just like in theaters.

What is the system requirement?

OCT Square content is universal device friendly it will work on PC, Mac, Android and other connected computing devices that are HD friendly.

What sort of internet connection do I need?

WiFi, 3G, Broadband connections do well, however 4MBPs or 4G or TDLT connections are best suited for real time performance of content.

How do I publish my movie in your site?

Just mail us about your interest and our support team will guide you through the process.

The ticket is valid only once, so do not close the tab on which the player opens.