Have you ever wondered when was the last time you thought about your purpose in life? 

When life was full of joy and happiness, most of us never thought about what our purpose in life is. Why are we here? Why is everything that’s happening to us happening to us? 

We think of all these only when there’s a crisis in life that we have to deal with. It could be something that affects us directly – such as an accident or a financial crisis that directly affects us or our close ones, or indirectly – such as a close friend’s death or misery. 

Or a “near-death” experience… or something which puts us in a situation where we are totally lost and do not know what to do.

“Never waste a Good Crisis” is a phrase often attributed to Winston Churchill, but more recently, Rahm Immanuel put it more accurately – “it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not before”.

A lot of our lives are linked to the faith and beliefs that has been passed on to us by our forefathers and family members. But when a crisis or a bad situation happens, you sometimes see the need to think a little differently, even if it goes against your pre-defined belief systems.

A crisis helps us in 3 different ways – 

– As a leader, it helps you to rally support and leverage ideas – get more ideas from different avenues, and explore what may and may not work.

– Change your assumptions – understand how various ideas can work even if they go against our beliefs and predefined notions, and make a conscious decision

– Learn from failures – Understand why something that we tried during the situation didn’t work, and learn from them

A crisis or a bad situation is an opportunity to learn something new and change yourself for the better. 

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