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In an invisible war against ignorance, a fun, casual, style-less film uses disruptive questioning to reset the trajectory of civilization creating resilient people. By decoding the cosmic code and through the invisible transmission of wisdom, it de-mystifies the delusions of what is real to reveal the true nature of nature for peace, prosperity, survival, stability and inclusive progress of the individual and the society at large.


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Soul Makers is a super Effective intense healing miracle movie! Using the supernatural power of light and sound, you can heal the mental and emotional causes for personal,  physical, social and financial ailments. It is a revolution in the art and science of filmmaking. 

This movie is specially designed to help you become more intuitive and improve and heal every aspect of your life.

As a result of watching Soul Makers, you will find solutions, healing and miracles in Health, Fertility, Love, Relationships, Wealth, Money, Career, Business, Luck, Protection, Knowledge, Personal Power, Prosperity, Well-being, Joy, Happiness, Spirituality  and other apsects of life.

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About The Movie

Soul Makers is a raw film on the raw truth, the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, existence and the way of life.
Produced by Illusion Engineering for International Alliance for Sustainable Development (IASD).

It reveals the spiritual aspect of cinema and the scientific aspect of religion, and helps the viewers to transform themselves by developing spiritual super-intelligence. It is a revolution in Cinema, Spirituality, Religion, Science and Edutainment.

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SoulMakers is about the 
Unknown Unknowns, Known Unknowns, 
Known Knowns & Unknown Knowns.

The Story

The Plot, The Knot, The Climax!
What You Think, What Others Think, And What It Really Is.

Soul Makers is all about enlightening the audience. It uses disruptive positive questions
to make them seek the real purpose of life and their role in engineering the new global society.

A Sound and Light Path to Enlightenment!

Get Enlightened!

Soul Makers is for the Affluent & Sophisticated Seeker of
Knowledge, Wealth, Love, Peace, Joy,
Prosperity, Progress, Stability & Survival.

Irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion, nationality and color we are all the same to nature. 

Nature has fixed general laws that will break or build us based on our choices.  Unless we understand them, we cannot make sustainable progress. 

With more seekers now is a very critical, urgent and crucial time to watch Soul Makers as we prepare for THE GRAND RESET. 

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