When you start off with learning anything in life, you go through 4 different stages, consciously or unconsciously. Chances are that you may not have noticed it till now. These are:

1) You don’t know that you don’t know

When you’re introduced to a completely new concept that you’ve never seen / heard of before, this is the stage that you pass through. The first question that would arise in your mind at that point is “What’s that?”… 

For example, “Soulmakers? What’s that?”

This is the stage where you’re a “Beginner”.

2) You know that you don’t know

This is the second stage after you have been introduced to the concept. Now you know that something like “Soulmakers” exists, but then you realize that you do not know what it is. This is the point where you begin looking for answers.

You’re a “Seeker” at this point. You learn, you stumble across problems that you’ve never encountered before, you work towards resolving them, and at each step, you figure out more and more new things.

3) You know that you know

The third stage of knowing is when you have learned enough about the subject, so that you can introduce the concept to a beginner, and give answers to a seeker. You see a problem, and you know that you can solve it by what you know.

You’re an “Expert” at this level. 

4) You don’t know that you know

In other words, you can work on this subject on auto-pilot. You can talk about this subject with authority and in your sleep – just like the “student who became a master in swordsmanship“.

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