What do you think of the world around you? 

Is it good, bad, ugly? Pick one that you feel is closest.

Have you ever wondered why the world around you is like the way it is?

Now if you have picked one from the three options above, it may not always be the same as what I picked. And we all have our reasons for picking a choice. 

The world around us is based on our own perspective. We are all tied to our own faith and belief systems, and our thought process (or “delusions”) is what defines our perspective of the World.

In fact, the physical world is the same for all of us. It’s made up of the same materials, nature, animals, etc. What’s different is our physical and mental status. 

We may think that the temperature outside is hot, but not all of us will be perspiring equally. Or the weather may be chilly, but not everyone needs the same amount of clothes to keep them warm.

We may think capital punishment is bad, but imagine how our perspective changes when a crime was committed against someone very close to us.

Soulmakers attempts to disrupt your thought process through a series of questions that will help you question yourself in turn, and change your perspective. It’s a Raw Film about the Raw Truth of Life. Watch it now!

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